FCI kennel of black russian terrier iz doliny vetrov
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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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I had a dream in my childhood as many others kids - to have a dog. I liked many breeds but Schnaucer and Terrier types more than the others. My school friend had a Giand Schnaucer named BLACK - a big, strong male with very stable mentality and great work capasity and I was impressed so much of this dog, his work and behaviour. At that time I didn`t have any idea about Russian Black Terrier.

At that time I lived in a little provincial town, Armavir, at the South of Russia near Black Sea, where I was born and grown up. Only in my early 20est I had bought my first dog. In 1988 I went to local DOSAAF club (at that time all clubs responsible for working breeds had to belong to DOSAAF, a speciall russian organisation in Soviet Union - Voluntary Society for Assisting Army, Air Force and Navy) and took turn to wait for a reisen-puppy. During the time I took a cours for pup`s buyers and got to know about Russian Black Terrier as a breed. There were not many blackies in Armavir at that time and all of them came from Moscow. They were bred by close inbreeding and many of them had dental major fualts, so, there was no idea to get a puppy after them. Our instructor Sergey Sinelnikov showed me a picture which he got in Moscow when he visited the biggest in Soviet Union pet-market there and was impressed very much of one blacky-bitch. He took the owner`s tel.number hoping someone in Armavir could become intressted of a puppy from that female. And it was me! I went to Moscow and picked my ERAN (full name by pedigree ERAN-KUD) among 13 puppies - 5 males and 8 females.

With all enthusiasm of my yuoth I started to train and show him at the dog-shows and we took parts in the working competions also. He was my first dog, THE DOG what I want to write with the capital letters. I understood much later how I was lucky with that male. ERAN was massiv, big (76 sm high,weigh 60 kg,head 33 sm and chest capasity 94 sm), strong male with long, beautiful head of noble lines - a personification of manliness; in addition, he had exellent working capasity and temper, very strong and strict character. I trained him OKD (russian variation of Obidience with many elements of Agility) and ZKS (Russian gurading traning including trace work, guarding an object,detention and defence of a trainer and attitude to shooting). Both disciplines ERAN had done exellent, 1 degree with the highest points. More over, he was a strict individum with an innate nobleness and strong respectness to himself and to me.He enjoied real authority among people and other dogs. I shared working competitions with him and he won a lot of times at the dog-shows, becoming BOB but in that period there weren`t such classifications as CAC, CACIB and etc in Russia, so that`s why Eran was not in time to get titles what are accepted by FCI but this was the lastest thing in my mind and not so important for me.

Naturally, I became intressted of breeding and training more seriously (parallelly I was studying in State University in Krasnodar at biology faculty) and as a result in 1991 I was invited to be answerable curator for breeds Black Russian terrier and Giant Schnauzer in Armavir`s DOSAAF Club. Since that time I got involved into breeding, showing and all possible kinds of activities and all my life got close connected to blacky surrounding, show and training activity. It was obvious for me that the Blackies population in my town needed to be enriched genetically. I brought around 20 puppies to Armavir during 5 years from Moscow, Leningrad (now St-Peterburg), Vladimir, Rostov-na-Donu, Ekaterinburg not including my mate-puppies from other cities because Eran mated more than 40 females and many combinations were very intressted. I owned myself 3 males from differnt lines - ERAN-KUD (f. GOSHA-KRI m. LIN-SHELLI) from Moscow, HALDEY (o. LAIF-LU m. LORIS-LAIK) from Ekaterinburg, FLOY-MARKOMI (o. LOIS-LOZERI m. MARITCA-ARVE-MIREA) from Moscow and daughter of HALDEY SHONA-BALAGURA-GERHOL which I kept as mate-puppy. I bred also (when it was possible) other dogs (old moscow`s lines) taken to Armavir before 1989 because some of them had good exterier and working capasity. For exemple KRISTISH-KLI and her sister LORA-KLI, their mother AZA (there are fotos of them in Stud book chapter). During 1990-1996 I bred about 30 letters, maybe too many for such a little provincial town. Many dogs of my breeding had exellent exterior and working quality but only some of them were shown in Moscow or other big cities.

It was hard economy time in Russia, when Soviet Union finished to exeist and everything (economy,politic,moral values and human`s terms) started to crushe down and changed; people prefered to support own families and to survive in the first instance and the dogs and breeding moved to the side. Almost all my friends, who had Blackies, could manage only with the lokal dog-shows ang local working competitions. I and some few breeders from Armavir showed our dogs in Moscow and some other big russian cities. I visited Moscow at list two times a year to show my dogs there and to see Blacky`s population at the dog-shows. At that time they used to have 10-30 blackies in the ring only in one klass (for exemple i showed Eran one time in junior klass and he took 3th place among 27 other males and it was great result and an other time we had 34 males in intermedia klass and Eran got 4th place).

The Blackies were judged by people who carries special qulaifications and many years of experience with the BRT breed, not by allrounders and many of the them had Blackies themselves and have been with this breed almost from the beginning. The competitions were very strong and such a judging was honourable for me and many others. In 1991 i started to practice as a ring secretary and was very glad when I helped such famous russian judges from old generations as Kholomjanski (he owned DAN-ZHAN), Sharapova (she owned AHILL), Bardeeva (she owned DEN-ERCHI-AZ,mother of ARGOS), Jakubovskii (he owned A-PORTOS-BAL, a son of ARGOS), Erugin (owner of PED-SHANEL,brudbitch), Gerasimova (President of National BRT Club in Russia and President of International BRT Club) and Im so thanksful to them that they shared their knowelege and experience with me. Two years later I got judge qualification for Black Terrier, Giant Schnuacers, Rottweiler, Aierdaleterrier and some russian breeds but I didn`t confirm this qualification in FCI later.

In 1996 I became an executive secretary of North-Caucasican part of National RBT Club, registrated my kennel "iz Doliny Vetrov" but it turned out that one year later I bear my daughter and had some privat reasons to leave both of my postes - secretary and breed`s curator. I don`t know why but no suitable person, crazy like me, spending almost all the time and a lot of money for this breed, learning a lot of pedigrees by heart, was found for these postes and the breeding of Blackies in Armavir started to slow down without my participation; many people didn`t want to mate own dogs because it was very hard time to sell puppies. Many exellent dogs and very promising puppies were placed as guarding gardens or just pet-dogs, just because the breeders couldn`t sell puppies to the right persons, intressted of training and breeding and had to hold whole letters home. Puppies became bigger, stronger and more aktiv every day and needed more space, food and attention and many breeders didn`t have any opportunity to hold them longer but gave away to casual persons.

In 1998 ERAN left me.....just during few hours.....I had only FLOY left. My family situation changed and I could think about a new dog. Many dog of my breeding became old and I had to buy a dog of other breeding. Galina Jatcenko from Moscow called me (kennel "DAR ROS" later renamed "Moskvorechie") and asked about breeding with my old FLOY but I had to refuse her because I couldn`t give any guarantee that my old male could mate a bitch from her kennel and it meaned that I didn`t have any other choise than to look for a new dog from other breeder. I bought an exellent and very promising puppy from JA-VASILISA MIKULISHNA IZ RUSSKOI DINASTII (the litter-mate of famous JASHKA MALAHOVSKII and JASNO SOLNISHKO) and georgiouse male from Siberia IRBIS BERT LAZURIT. That pup - JAHONT ALEY IZ MORYA SKAZOK, was very beautiful, powerfull and promising but I lost him when he was 4,5 month old of very strong parvovirus mutation which coincided with FLOY`s acute (FLOY got stones in his bladder and ureter and had total urineimpassibility).

I called my vet and he gave to ALEY all medicine and injections which could help my little boy but I had to bring FLOY to a veterinary clinic immediately. I didn`t want to leave my old friend alone before the operation. Evrything passed good for FLOY but when we came back home just 3 hours later we found ALEY dead....What an evil destiny! I cried during long time and was shoked so much that I couldn`t think about a new dog next 3 years. FLOY left me in 2003 and only after that I started to look for a new blacky. During this my destiny has blown me to Sweden and now I live in this beautiful country with my daughter, my husband and my new 2 blackies. Of caurse, I couldnt pass by Blacky`s breeding in Sweden. I contacted Svart Terrier Klubben on summer 2004 (svart means black in swedish), I and my husband became members of Svart Terrier Klubben and later, when we got got our Blackies, in Swedish Kennel Club. I looked at the swedish Blackies before by Internet but when I saw them in real life first time I was......softly speaking...... disappointed. The time has come to a standstill for this breed in Sweden around 1970. I offer, for exemple, compare to the fotos from the book of Marina Gerasimova and some Black Terriers of swedish breeding (at chapter Breed`s history). From the beginning I thought that the problem was in swedish quarantine which was the big obstacles on the way to import a new blood. Really, during a long time it was rather difficult and expensive to bring a dog from Russia or from other country to Sweden (the quarantine costed more than 20 000 krons except dog`s cost and transportation). Wneh I talked to swedish breeders later and knew some details of the breeding strategy, I understood that everything just seemed to look simple but to my pleasure there are some breeders in Sweden who thinks by other way, have more modern type of the Blackies and they and I have quite similar ideas how Blackies must look and work.

The only thing I miss now is I don`t have a dog from my russian breeding because when I left my posts many people lost interest to breed, train and show own dogs. There was one bitch, a grand-grand-daughter of my Eran and she was mated in Armavir in spring 2006 by my recommendation with a male from my breeding also but unfortunately the female died during the birth and all female-puppies died also, the only 3 males became left and all of them were reserved. Now I start my breeding here in Sweden. Naturally, the main purpose before and now for my breeding is to get healthy dogs with nice temperament and stable mentality, beautiful and reliable. Our dogs live at home with us, they are our family-members and they follow us everywhere. The working quality is very important for me and my breedind also because I had always trained my dogs and will hold this routine until further notice but most I like to have beside me beautiful, strong and healthy dogs with lovely mentality as family members, very smart and tireless companions in all our travels and forestwalk, safe defenders if we need it. I had to start everything now from the beginning again but with my knowledge, love and experience about this wonderful breed - RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIER since 1988.