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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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At this page I want to show which other colour than black black terriers can have. As you know more than 17 breeds were used when "Red Star" started breeding experiments and it is not wondered why blackies can still be born with other colours. I have many facts about what line and which producer can give some different than black colour in different combinations and I can say IT CAN COME FROM ANY LINE AND ANY PRODUCER. I heard some people, who doesn`t have much experience about the breed, that say - Bart or Kris are genetical carriers of other than black colour (mostly black-and-tan) but the facts that coloured dogs can be born from those famous producers DON`T PROV ANYTHING because those famouse producers mate and mated a lot of females and their offsprings are always in the public eye compare to other males which can produce coloured puppies also but nobody knows about that but only one or two breeders.

This breed is too young and have too little generation`s number counting from the beginning to say for sure who is the carrier of the wrong colours. I have seen myself silver, black-and-tan, silver-and-beige (same type like black-and-tan) black terriers and some of them came from my breedig in Russia. But let`s talk about the facts. My first male ERAN-KUD was black with grey hairs. His coat was rough and had totally black tone. He produced a lot of children but NEVER gave coloured dogs by himself, even with one coloured bitch. That female, named KERRI, I bred also. The parents were JURGEN NIGER SID (f. ERHAN from ZORRO x GLORIA and m. MEGGI from SID x RONA; inbreeding on IRTISH 3:3) and BARRA (pedigree) There were 2 wrong coloured puppies in that letter - one male was black-and-tan what was seen since his birth and that female KERRI was born black but at the 5 month age she started to change black colour to silver and when she became 1 year old the colour was silver-and-beige. She was unbelievable beautiful dog, exellent built and had very stable and lovely mentality. I had one foto of her but to my regret it got lost during I moved to Sweden.

The owner decided to mate her with my ERAN but of caurse puppies didn`t get pedigrees. NO ONE OF 9 PUPPIES WAS SILVER, all of them were totally black even when they became adult. Second case from my breeding - a daughter of Eran, PATRICIA KING STAR had 2 letters. First time she was mated with ILAIF-KRIS (pedigree), my breeding also, and all 9 puppies were black.

Second time she was mated in Moscow with MAIK LAYVI (pedigree) and one coloured puppy was born among three. The female-puppy was born almost black, dark-red tone was seen just little. As far as she grew older dark-red colour pushed out black and to 1 month age she had such a colour - dark-red. Much later i got to know that ERAN`s grandmother LINDA-BEKcame from a letter where there were a few black-and-tan coloured puppies. Third case of my breeding with coloured dog marked out by other way because all puppies were born black but some of them changed colour after they got to be mated! The mother DZHENIFER-ALEKS (pedigree) had exellent coat - quite rough, rich and totally black tone.

She was very like her father AL-PORSH-LAVR and to hold this type I decided to mate her with halv-sibling EL-ATOS-PORSH doing inbreeding on AL-PORSH-LAVR 2:2. We got 8 puppies, all of them were born black, had exellent coat and black tone even being adult. The mother DZHENIFER-ALEKS changed coat colour after she got this letter to dark grey and had that colour untill she died at the age of 9 years old. One son of her DANIEL-DZHEF mated a bitch at 3 year age and 6 month after changed his hair colour to silver but by very intressting and strange way! - coat on his body became silver but coat on the head remained black! The other male from this letter DION-DZHEF changed colour to silver after he mated a bitch first time also but he became totally silver. So it can be! Their litter-mate female DZHANA-DZHEF didn`t get puppies and had black colour during whole her life.

I can name one more dog coloured black-and-tan becuase this info there is free in internet at a russian forum and the breeder and the owner don`t hide this info. BOING-TERMINATOR (pedigree) was the only coloured puppy in the letter.

Thoese 2 dogs - a bitch and a male, are coloured like airdaleterrier. I got info from a breeder in Russia (town Apatity) and she gave me permission to publish these pictures. The letter included 13 puppies and ALL of them were coloured, but 11 had color black-and-tan and only 2 dogs were coloured like airdaleterrier. One female from this letter was mated 3 times with different males and produced only black puppies.