FCI kennel of black russian terrier iz doliny vetrov
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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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date of birth: 10.12.2013
tests: HD-A, ED-0 JLPP-clear, HUU-N/NU
titles: Russian, Finnish, Belarus champion
Bagira's album

Bagira is strong and active female of medium size (69 cm). She has big and long head of parallel lines, dark eyes, excellent teeth. Excellent proportions and beautiful type. Bagira is very strong, brave, agile and hardy dog; character is very sweet and lovely but with pronounced guarding instinct. Moves like a panter. Stable shotattitude.

русский черный терьер истома из ангарской жемчужины


date of birth: 09.06.2007
tests: HD-B, ED-1
titles: Yuong Russian Champion, Young Champion of National Club, Junior-winner of Dmitrov-08, Best Junior of Dmitrov-08, Norwegian Winner - 2008, Russian Champion, Finnish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Champion of National Club, Grand Russiaon Champion, Swedish Winner-09, BIG

Novaya Zvezda mean New Star. Nova is middle size, very beautiful female. She is very like her brother Gosha in mentality - open, curious and happy dog. Nova has excellent proportions, solid and stable. Very beaitiful head and almost black eyes. In spite of solid boneframe she keeps feminine type and reminds a black hunting panther - lithe, speedy and very mobile. She has very big potential in her body and a lot of endurance. Very beautiful structured coat. Our little princess

black russian terrier istoma iz angarskoi jemchujiny


date of birth: 28.02.2008
tests: HD-B/C, ED-0/0
titles: Finnish,Russian,Norwegian Champion, Swedish Winner-2010,2011, Obidience-1

Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov (Charina) is a big(72 cm) and strong female. With this size she is harmoniously built, has excellent proportions, robust boneframe, functional and free movements. Long and powerful head, monolith top-line, solid and broad rump and very good balance. Charina is alert, playful and open dog, friendly with people and other dogs but in the same time she is self-confident and have strong guard instinct; when it is an emergency situation she adopts active-defensive posture immediately but calms down quickly when danger is over, these various characteristics combinated in one dog called well-balanced mentality and this balance one of the most important breeding targets in my kennel. She passed mentality description in Sweden and has stable (indifferent) attitude to shooting. We hope for a big future for this lovely girl and expecting beautiful and healthy puppies after her with a big potential for show and breeding. A litter is planned in 2011

русский черный терьер истома из ангарской жемчужины