FCI kennel of black russian terrier iz doliny vetrov
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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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Breeding of black terrier in Leningrad

A few blackies came to Leningrad on the end of 50th but planned and purposeful breeding started later. In 1962 beginning of Black Terrier breeding in Leningrad started by 2 bitches - NASTJA (owner Ezhov) and DEGA (owner Vladimirov), various by pedigree and by external shape. NASTJA S-4 had parents FOKA K-3 and LADA-TAG (owner Orehov). She became Winner at Moscow dog-show in 1969 and the same year she won Championship in Leningrad. NASTJA had excellent working capacity and remainded her father FOKA by well boned substance, slightly too long format of the body, long rough coat and had wrong bite (like her father with level bite). Some dogs of her offspring inherited those faults also - mostly too long format and uncorrect line of lower-incisorses and intertoes eczema. This female was mated two times with the same Moscow male DIK K-2 (owner Krapukhin) and the offspring in both litters appeared absolutely polytypic in the types. In every litter coat type split from absolutely short and smooth to long and harsh hair and one male SAKS had silver colour.

Later the dogs from both litters were used in breeding anyway - females STESHA, ROKSA, RUZA and RADA; male SKIF got 1st place in intermediate class at All-Union dog-show in 1967 but didn't become good producer, he didn't copy himself and didn't improve his offspring. With combination SKIF and CHANGA (inbreeding on FOKA 3-4) more than 80% progeny got wrong bites; the combination SKIF and JARCHA (inbreeding on DIK 2-3) gave dogs with too light bone-frame and one smooth-hair puppy. STESHA, RADA and RUZA had one litter each and more succeful of all them was from STESHA and KARAT (inbreeding on FOKA 2-3). In spite of a big splitting of coat, breed types and bone-build among the dogs out this litter, all dogs accorded to the standard description; ARISHA, AINA, AJAKS, ANTEI, ATIKA had "excellent", ARTA and ARNI - "very good". RADA was mated with OSKAR and only one male DZHAFAR from this combination was used for breeding and gave dogs with dental faults and silver colour. RUZA had one litter, very unfortunate, there were puppies with anal artresia (genetic anomalie) and acromelia. ROKSA was mated with LORD (TOM x DINA) two times and the puppies from both litters had different types of coat - smooth hair, coat according to the standard and coat in newfoundland type.

But in the same time with all those faults Leningrad's breeders got monotypic dogs with rich coat, massive bones and good angulations - VAIS, VENTA, VARJA, TCEILA, TCATCA, TCERON (LORD x ROKSA). The females were mated in different combinations. VARJA was mated with AJAKS and a few puppies out this litter had wrong bites and missed premolars. In second one after VARJA and EREICH one male had one testicle and in third litter after RAMS there are dogs with wrong bites and color's defects - big white spots.

In 1975 ROKSA was mated with own son TCERON. Most puppies out this letter had coat what remainded nearer to Newfoundlands.

DEGA (giant shcnauzer DITTER f.Drakhenshluht, monokriptorh x MIRTA) born in kennel "Red Star" was big, robust female, remainded Newfoundland by body and coat, she had very good front and back angulations, scissors bite, typical head with big and heavy ears. This bitch had AZART in 3 generation and Moscow Grand Dane TODI in 4 generation from mother's side, more over in 3 generation she had Moscow Diver HANKA and Reisenschauzer. First litter she had from VIY (VAKH x BARRA). Almost all puppies appeared in Newfoundland type and one puppy in type of the Rottweiler. Second and third litters were from NAIT (SHAITAN x TEJA) and smooth-coated dogs came out again but some (females BETA, GANA and males GRAIT, GIREIT) were used in the breeding later. The best progeny DEGA's daughter BETA gave with LORD (TOM x DINA), females MASHA and MIKA, males MARS and MISHA differed out with excellent breed type.

Male KARAI (bred in Moscow, NAIT x DITTA) used in Leningrad rather often with bitches of different exteriers/types and produced many excellent dogs which were easy recognizable in type - IRBIS, IRISHA, IRTISH, POTAP, GRAID, SET but sometimes the progeny of KARAI had dental faults, most weak-developed and narrow lower jaw. Breeding committee in Leningrad DOSAAF club, worried of this situations with many dental faults and genetic anomalies, decided to use very close inbreeding a few times. They supposed about a risk but did it specially because in that way some genetic faults and anomalies, hiding in genotype of some dogs as recessive marks, could split and reveal more obviously and breeders knew where they came from and could avoide them in the future, more over close inbreeding is one of the breeders tool to consolidate wanted breed type. AJAKS (KARAT x STESHA) mated a few females with inbreeding on KARAT, inbreeding on combinations DIK x NASTJA and with own daughter MUZA. Many progenies had dental faults in many variations - level bite, overbite, underbite, missed P1 and missed front teeth) but some dogs standed out against a back ground with similarly and excellent type. The same target Leningrad's breeders followed with using SET (KARAI x ARNI) and females from related lines - ZHULJA (TUMAN x RAKSHA), LUSHA (SKIF x DAR-RITCA), MASHA (LORD x BETA), MALVA (LORD x BETA). SET had excellent exterior - solid, compact body, excellent front and back angulations, beautiful coat, free movement and produced many progenies of very high quality and typical known type. He died early but Leningrad's breeders could hold his type using close inbreeding on him by his children. SET's line was held. Most famous and used sons of SET were OKSAY and MONSTR-DZIMMI-SET. In the same time SET's father KARAI mated own daughter IRISHA and the dogs from this litter had similarly type as SET. Male IRTISH was used often with the bitches from different lines - KROSHKA (KARU X VAKSA), KREZI (KARU x VAKSA), LEDA (MONSTR-DZIMMI-SET x ILONA), GLORIA and many of his children were very similarly in the type. In 90th male SID was used rather often in Leningrad. He was big, compact, had massive head and rich coat. Many of his litter-mates had dental and colour faults. In spite of that SID produced many excellent dogs but one of his faults - weak tendons, passed to his progeny quite often.

At 70-th finish breeders bought 2 dogs - MAKS-NIM (DZIM x INGA), bred of Moscow DOSAAF Club and ELKA (FANG x RUZA) bred of LENINGRAD DOSAAF Club. Later they imported IVAN (KARAI x IRISHA) and MASHKA (URBAN x MASHA). In mass-media the breed was described as excellent guarding dogs, wary to the strangers but very friendly and tender to the owners and family's members.