FCI kennel of black russian terrier iz doliny vetrov
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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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русский черный терьер


Lithuania Champion
HD-А, ED-0

Fedor is a big, very strong and masculine 4 years old male. Very stable with a superb balance. Masculine big head of beautiful lines, well filled skull, powerful muzzle and jaws, big teeth in scissors bite. Strong topline with well marked withers. Prima body and well angulated front and back. Beautiful and free movement. Genuim black and coarse coat. Feodor lives outside and watches over a big area. He is very self-confident and balanced in his character and have stable, strong but very nice mentality.

русский черный терьер новая звезда фор долины ветров

Junior Russian Champion, Junior Champion of BRT National Club in Russia,
Best Junior of BRT National Championship 2009 in Russia,
Russian Champion, Champion of BRT National Club in Russia,
Grand Russian Champion, Norsk Vinner-08, Svensk Vinner-09,
BIG-vinnare, HD-B/B, ED-0/1

Nova is a very beautiful and feminine female of medium size (66 cm). Beautiful head of excellent proportions and very dark eyes. Excellent boneframe. Deep and solid body with well developed chest. Long, strong neck, well marked withers, strong topline. Exellent angulated front and back. Glossy, rich and rough coat. She is free and well-balanced in her movement. Stable and very nice mentality. Some moments of Nova`s mental test you can see in "NEWS" from 25.01.2009

Feodor is the grandson of one of most famous and outstanding stud male Krimson-Glo which lived in the 80s in Russia and I was very happy when I found that Feodor looks like a typical representative of the Rams-1 line where Krimson-Glo comes from. Fedor reminded me of my first Blacky Eran-Kud - big, solid and stylish male, which was the grandson of Krimson also and who is still an ideal Blacky for me. Nova has Eran in 5th generation. In the late 80s-early 90s, I had dogs from this line (Rams-1) in my breeding and I remember how stable and willing to work they were; big, long and beautiful heads, solid bodies, big teeth, coarse rich coat and free movements were as represent cards of Krimson`s all offsring. Feodor, in his turn, is linebred male; his pedigree has generated strong and very stable stud dogs and one of the best combinations is Krimson-Glo + Argos. These 2 males were most of the brightest representatives of Rams-1 line - Krimson by Le-Kuchum and Argos by Shaytan-Sunik, son of Le-Kuchum. There are not many Blackies now in the time that has Krimson-Glo in their pedigrees as close as Feodor has so he is a real find. I had an eye on Feodor since he was born and congratulate the breeder Irina Savilo who was not affraid to take a chance and breed Fedor`s mother by 11 years old male Florizell Scorpion and have got SUCH a handsome male as Fedor, a real Black Russian both in his body and his mind. Now I expect to get large and well-balanced dogs with long beautiful heads, with coarse and rich coat, big and healthy teeth, solid but easy-moving and of course with stable mentality intressting for various purposes such as breeding, shows, work or nice family dogs.

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