FCI kennel of black russian terrier iz doliny vetrov
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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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русский черный терьер


JWW-2010, Interchampion, Junior Champion of National BRT Club, Champion of BRT National Club, Russian Champion, Latvian Chapion, Champion of Belarus, Polish Champion, Finnish Champion, Champion of Czech, EuropaJugendSiegerin 2010, JAHRHUNDERTJUGENDSIEGER 2011, Latvian Winner 2011, RKF Champion,
HD-A, ED-0

Guy is a medium sized and very strong male, with solid body and very well balanced. He has big head of beautiful lines, dark eyes and excellent pigmantation. Very nice, open and stable character, rich black coat and free movements.

русский черный терьер

HD-A/B, ED-0

Siri is a very beautiful, big (70 cm) and very strong female. Huge and very beautiful head, excellent anatomy and whole build. She is very well balanced and many breeders marked beautiful movement pattern. Wonderful character, very kind to children and older persons, open and playful but in the same time she has strong guarding aptitude. As soon as she is out of my own breeding I can say she has got all the best after her great parents - shiny personality, great character, open mind and unique working ability after her famous father Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov aka Gosha and equanimity after her mother Istoma aka Toma.

In this combination (by pedigree and given phenotypic and mental characteristics of the parents), I hope to get dogs a little bit above average breed size, strong and solid, with a good balance, dark pigment, balanced mentalitet and good guard ability.