FCI kennel of black russian terrier iz doliny vetrov
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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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русский черный терьер малюта из ангарской жемчужины



Vet.EDS 2015, Champion of National Breed Club, Junior Champion of National Club (Junior winner Dmitrov 2008), Russian/Belaruss/Latvian/Lithuanian Champion,
Grand Russian Champion, RKF Champion, Nordic Winner, Veteran Nordic Winner,
4 x Swe.W 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, Multi BOB, Group winner

I dont need to say much about Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov, he is well-known all over the world. Gosha is great breed representative, one of the best BRTs at least 2 last decades by his exterrior, personallity and mentality and outsanding producer. Father, Greatfather and Great grandfather of many champions and really beautiful and healthy dogs. His offspring is recognazed by phenotype and lovely mentality inherited strongly in a few generations.
Nochnoy Dozor is a male with a clearly pronounced sanguine temperament: the "excitation-inhibition" balance in the classical proportion of 50/50, with an almost instant transition from one state to another. Strong and plastic nervous system perfectly fits for work and everyday life.

русский черный терьер новая звезда фор долины ветров



Russian Champion,
Finnish Champion,
Belaruss Champion

Rusoro Arabesca aka Bagira is beautiful and nimble female; plastic, hardy and with strong tendons. She has very beautiful long head, dark eyes, excellent teeth. Strong body and well angulated, standing solid onn the ground and moves well in good balance.The same clear pronounced sanguine temperament with great will to work and strong guarding instinct. Very soft with children and older people, very easy dog to live and travel with.

Long awaited litter after 2 beautiful and healthy Blackies. Both parents have excellent and breed typical mentality, lovely characters and great working ability. Both are mentality tested. They complement and fit each other very well.
Out this combination I suspect dogs of medium up to big size, with strong bones and well built, big heads and corse textural deep black coat, with correct movements. Both parents have excellent exterrior and mentality, high work ability, bright personalities, stable attitude to shooting and excellent aport dogs.

All quastions and puppy-reservation we accept by telephone call
+46701501018 (russian/english) or +79298301869
by e-mail:

русский черный терьер малюта из ангарской жемчужины
русский черный терьер малюта из ангарской жемчужины
русский черный терьер малюта из ангарской жемчужины