FCI kennel of black russian terrier iz doliny vetrov
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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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date of birth: 05.04.2016
tests: HD-B, ED-0, Huu-N/HUU, JLPP-N/N, DNA-profile
titles: RU CH, FI CH, Danish CH, Estonian, Latvian, Litauen Ch, Baltic CH, Nordic dog show champion, Finish Winner2018, Swedish Winner 2019, Finnish and Helsinki winner 2019, Nordic winner 2019 (Stockholm), Interchampion

Very strong and self-confidence male of medium size (72 cm), excellent teeth and pitch-black harsh coat. Beautiful head of parallel lines with strong skull and muzzle, solid body and top-line. Flexible, very hardy and easy-learning clever dog with high working ability; lovely character, superb guard. Excellent mover and jumper with perfect balance. Stable to shooting.

black russian terrier nochoy dozor doliny vetrov


date of birth: 10.12.2013
tests: HD-B/C, ED-0, HUU/HUU, JLPP- N/N (clear), DNA-profile
titles: Junior Swedish Winner 2013-2014, Swedish Winner 2016-2017; Russian, Finnish, Belarus Champion

Big (76 cm), powerful and very stylish male. Long and masculine head with dark eyes, good pigmentation. Wide and solid body with excellent front and rare, excellent angulations. Coarse coat. Excellent mover with wide trott and good balance. Stable mentality and shot attitude. Menality tested.

black russian terrier nochoy dozor doliny vetrov