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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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26.12.2007 I and Toma have visited a very nice and strong man in Finland - SULO. She liked him very much and we hope the results of this meeting we will see in 2 month :-) If we take this seriously and in official tone than our ISTOMA is mated with exellent and healthy male living in Finland - NACHALNIK. More details look in "Puppies" chapter
16.12.2007 The biggest dog-show in Scandinavia - Nordic Winner. Our results was not bad - Toma got 2nd Best Bitch and R.CACIB and Balu got "exellent" in open class.
04.11.2007 Trips to Russia start to be a nice habit for us:-) 3.11.2007 at National show in Vyborg Toma and Balu have got full pot - Balu got CW, CAC, BOB and BIG-2, Toma got CW, CAC and BOS and became RUSSIAN CHAMPION! There were 2 blackies more shown in intremedia class - male Nord Pride Novyi Vek and bitch Nord Pride Na Nebo Za Zvezdoi, they won their classes. The best thing is the judge gave to Toma the most short description I ever got for my dogs - "Exellent hight,type and bones, it should be more such blackies like THIS bitch" After that show I drived to St-Petersburg and further to Estonia but it was so long queue at the border, so much estonian folk visited Russia for saturday and wanted to go back home on the evening and I got to wait almost 3 hours! In Tartu Toma was very close to win CACIB but got R.CACIB.

18.08.2007 We traveled to Russia again, this time I had 2 dogs and my daughter Simona with me and drived more longer way than last time, more than 6000 km! It was a short holiday for us, I drived to the Black Sea taking part at 2 dog-shows in Vyborg and Gelendzhik on our way. First we came to Vyborg, very old and beautiful town situated just 50 km from russian-finnish border.
The history of Vyborg starts in 11th century. The inhabitants were hunters, fishermen, and peasants; they also traded with the countries at the Baltic coast. Karels, who were the majority of the population, for a long time had good relations with Novgorod Slavs, who, in their turn, were trading with German and Swedish towns via the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.
Sweden tried to conquer these lands already in the middle of 12th century, and in 1293 the ruler of Sweden, Torkel Knutson, lead a huge army into Karelia. To keep important strategic positions, Swedes built in the same year 1293 a stone castle on a small island Linnan-Saari (Castle Island). Novgorod tried to take the lands several times, and even succeeded in 1318, however, only for a short period. In 1323 Russian-Swedish peace treaty was signed in the fortress Oreshek. The treaty set Russian-Swedish border along River Sestra (what means sister in russian). The last Russian-Swedish war in 1808-1809 decided the fate of Finland, which turned from a province of Sweden into the Special Great Principality with its own constitution and parliament and became a part of Russia.
Today Vyborg Castle is a museum and we couldn`t past it. We fired a bow and arbalest and we had really funny and very intressting time :-)
Acctually, I planned to visit Norway before Russia for international show in Oslo 11-12 augusti but I didn`t want to stress myself before such a long trip and that`s why we let this show be without us ;-)
The first show we took part at was in Vyborg where Balu got CW, CAC and became BOS and Toma got CW, CAC, became BOB and was placed 4th at BIG. After Vyborg I drived down to South of Russua, it is around 2500 km. There we visited my mom and I drived everyone - my mom, my daughter and the dogs to the next show in Gelendzhik, very nice little town at the Black Sea coast. There Balu and Toma got the same results - both CAC, BOS and BOB but we didn`t stay for BIG and BIS because it was so terriblly hot, + 45, and we prefered to swim in the sea. When we left Sweden one little charming puppy, naked mexikan dog from kennel "Fullibus" followed us and here are some pictures which show a big contrast - 2 big hairy russian guards for the little hireless puppy :-) On the way back we took a young schaucer from kennel "Mini-Maksi", bought by one person to Sweden and when I pick this 9-month old very nice salt-and-pepper zwergschnaucer-boy ( I hope he will sound soon at the dog-shows in Sweden) kennel`s car was a sirprise for me :-)
Look pictures.

05.08.2007 Sodertalje Brukshundklub show. Judge Olga Grin (Russia). Balu (MALYUTA IZ ANGARSKOY JEMCHUJINY) got CW, CAC, BOB! Toma (ISTOMA IZ ANGARSKOY JEMCHUJINY) got CW, CAC, BOS. More over swedish clubs for working dogs organize. Best-in-Shows for all BOB and BOS-winner and ISTOMA won BIS for BOS-winners!!!

06.07.2007 With great pleasure we want to inform all our visitors,friends and the others that our Toma - ISTOMA IZ ANGARSKOY JEMCHUJINY has got official x-ray certificate from Swedish Kennel Club. Her joints are free from displasy: HD A, ED 0. Hold with us,it will come more news soon

16.06.2007 AVESTA, CAC show. We didn`t plan really to show our dogs this time but we wanted to meet our friends living near Avesta and at the last moment i registrated Toma and Balu for this show. We met our friends Jorgen and Tina, talked and luaghed much, reminded our trip to Greece where we met each other first time in 2003, ate pizza and really enjoied the time:-) As extra bonus our dogs won full pot again - Balu got CAC, CW, Best male and Toma got CAC, CW, Best female and BOB. At the BIG Toma was 5th and got Reserv BIG. Thanks to Jorgen we have a lot of funny and exellent pictures.

Thank you, Jorgen and Tina for this exellent day!

26.05.2007 At last, I have time to go to Russia, to "Dmitrov"! 16th may I left Sweden with both dogs planning to show them in Sankt-Peterburg and Helsinki before "Dmitrov" and results from all shows was just great! First show in Sankt-Peterburg and Balu got exellent, CW, CAC and became BOS; Toma got exellent, CW, CAC, BOB, won "Best-in-Group" and was placed 4th in Best-in-Show!!! Second show was in the same place but 2 hours later. Balu got exellent, CW, CAC and Toma got everything again - CW, CAC, BOB. We didn`t stay for BIS because I had to drive back to Finland for CACIB show next day and wanted my dogs and me to rest little before that. As always, not in time Toma started her heat and I had to call my husband that he comes to Helsinki next day and takes her. The judge was young and very nice lady from Serbia Anna Brankovich, the competition was not hard, only two dogs - Istoma and Mardenas Elvira and Toma got CAC, CACIB and BOB lightly. We had to miss BIS again because of the ferry to Stockholm departed at the same time as BIS started. So, I drived my family to the terminal Viking Line and after that turned to russian border again. Oh, how long way I have drived during two weeks in Russia! I counted later that totally it was more than 3500 km but "Dmitrov" was ahead of us - the biggest and most prestigious single-breed show for blackies which takes traditionally place the last weekend of may every year in Moscow. 130 blackies were registreted and almost all of them presented. There are completed results and a lot of pictures in "Results". One event more happened in Moscow - Balu has mated a bitch but its the secret yet. I will write later which one.

Many thanks to my friend in Sankt-Peterburg Olga Krasova who owns blacky-female Nagrada.
I`d not have time to fix everything I needed without her help.
Thank you so much, Olga!

12.05.2007 This year Swedish Kennel Club has redirected show with awarding title SVENSK VINNARE to Uppsala Lans Kennelklubb and the date is changed also - it happens today 12 may. Our Toma and Balu have shown exellent results again. Balu has got "exellent" in intermedia class and R.CACIB after adult male in compare ring but Toma got everything again - Class Winner, Best Female, CAC, Best in Breed, CACIB and title SVENSK VINNARE 3th time in succession!

Balu in the ring

Toma in the ring

Compare for BOB

The Judge Reicher Dubravka - What can I do? She is the BEST :-)

Toma is BOB and SVESNK VINNARE again

05.05.2007 Balu has passed Mentality-description (MH). More
08.04.2007 International dog-show in stockholm "LILLA STOCKHOLM" Our ISTOMA won everything again - CW ,CAC, CACIB, Best Female and BEST OF BREED. More pictures and completed results you can see in "RESULTS"



28.02.2007 One more great news - at last, my kennel name which I registrated living in RUSSIA - "IZ DOLINY VETROV" (what means "from VALLEY OF WINDS") and which of caurse was registrated in FCI has moved to Sweden and I got papper from Swedish Kennel Club that it is registreted in Sweden 26 february 2007.

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