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12.05.2019 Triple dog-show/Nordic dog-show in Roskilde, Denmark. Firjusa iz Doliny Vetrov got 2xBOB, 1xBOS and finished title Danish Champion. Congratulations to owner Sirpa Hemmingberg!

19.04.2019 Sundsvall. At Swedish winners show Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov became Best male, Swedish winner, CACIB r and BOB, Gaz-Volga iz Doliny Vetrov got title Junior Swedish winner and CAC

10.03.2019 Gaz-Volga iz Doliny Vetrov shined up at 3 dog-shows in South Russia with following results - 3x J.CAC, 2x BOSand BOB and finished title Junior Russian Champion

25.12.2018 What a wonderful show season ending we have :) 16.12.2018 in Helsinki Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov took BOB with another CACIB, Crafts qualification and the title Finnish Winner; Gaz Volga iz Doliny Vetrov debuted at the same show and became excellent-2 in junior class among 4 females.
22.12.2018. Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov became BOB and BIG-2 at CACIB show in Vilnius and with this victory he finished Lithuanian championship and Baltic championship! Thanks Judge Irina Poletaeva for appreciation in the ring and in the group!

05.08.2018 Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov finished Danish Championship and completed Nordic dog show title by taking BOB, CAC and Nordic dog show certificate in Billund, Danmark.
Sister Firjusa iz Doliny Vetrov finished Fi Chanpionship during August 2018 Congratulations to the owner Sirpa Hemmingberg!

22.07.2018 Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov became BOB by taking CAC and Nordic dog show certificate in V?ster?s, Sweden

16.06.2018 Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov took CAC, Nordic dog show certificate, BOB in Kotka, Finland and finished FI Championship. The sister Firjusa iz Doliny Vetrov became BOS by taking CAC and Nordic dog show certifikate also. Congratulations to Sirpa!

30.05.2018 On the middle of May 2018 Furmanov Iz Doliny Vetrov finished RU Championship by taken 6 CAC and BOB in St-Petersburg during 2 months.

03.03.2018 FURMANOV iz Doliny Vetrov has done one more step to Russian championship. He won intermedia class and was BOB/BOS, 2xCAC at 2 shows in Saint-Petersburg.

17.01.2018 Litter "G"

18.12.2017 Some news from "Other side of the Sea", USA.
EGOZA CHERNYE GLAZA iz DOLINY VETROV (Yuly Ceasar iz Chigasovo x Censura iz Doliny Vetrov) won Winners class at BRT National and got Winners major. Congratulations to the owner Jennifer Powell! Anya is very like her mother Censura aka Siri :)
Another Gosha's Great Grandson Oles Ognennyj Zver, which I adviced and helped to import to the kennel GUARDIN BEARS won AKC National show and was placed Working Group-4! 30 BRT entry of some of the Top dogs in the country and from other countries. Congratulations to the owners DeAnne and Richard!
More over DeAnne and Richard have now a first litter inbred on Nochnoy Dozor, after Oles and Arisha-Krasa. Good luck with those babies!



Babies inbred on Nochnoy Dozor

Oles Ognennij Zver in the Main ring

17.12.2017 Swedish Winner show. RUSORO AZART (Bagira's brother) has become Best male and Swedish Winner 2017 with CACIB; AJDA LADA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA got excellent-2 in champion class; ARES GARD HARDCOR DOLINY VETROV (Gosha's Grandchild) became Best male-2 with CAC. Congratulations to the owners Sirpa, Eva-Lena and Jim! Good year ending!
Potogallery HERE

Ares Gard

Rusoro Azart

Rusoro Azart

25.11.2017 Mother's and son's Jackpot. AJDA LADA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA finished title Estonian Champion. She became 2 x BOB in Narva. Her son FURMANOV IZ DOLINY VETROV did a first step to Russian championship winning class and becoming BOB at National dog-show in St-Petersburg. More over, Furmanov got x-tay result - HD-B, ED-0!

Ajda Lada Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov

23.09.2017 Copenhagen Winner show. AJDA LADA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA (NOCHNOY DOZOR DOLINY VETROV x LADY IN RED) won everything! CAC, CACIB and BOB with very enthusiastic critique. 3 in 1 - Dannish champion, Copehagen winner and Nordic champion! Congratulations Sirpa!

10.06.2017 Ajda Lada Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda (Gosha's daughter) became Norwegian champion and Interchampion on 10 Juni in Oslo. She got CAC, CACIB and was BOB in quite strong competition. Congratulations to the owner Sirpa!

05.02.2017 Feodosia iz Doliny Vetrov aka Bagira 10 months old took her debut in St-Petersburg at National dog show with a great result - J.CAC, Best Junior, BOB and BIS Junior-4! Its was 6 Blackies, 3 of them adult but the judge Jurate Butkiene thought Bagira has a great potential and showed the best movement :) Congratulations to the owner Nikolaj. Nicholaj has started also to train obedience with Bagira so hopefully they shows the same results at working competitions soon. As usually I forget my camera but we took some photos when we walked the dogs at Gulf of Finland near Zelenogorsk



1 male and 1 female of very high show/breeding/working potential are available for sale. Parents are show/health/working merited out of well known and proved lines. Puppies born 05.04.2016, are microchipped, fully vaccinated and have all required documents; they are strong, very much active, social, have passed Puppy Temperament test easy, have excellent pigmentation, already dark-brown eyes.
For more info contact Alexandra
+46701501018 or +79298301869
or by e-mail eran-kud@mail.ru and dolinavetrov@hotmail.com

06.12.2015 Nordic Winner-2015. Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov aka Gosha and Novaya Zvezda for Doliny Vetrov aka Nova became Veteran Nordic Winner-2015. More over Gosha was also Best male, thus also Nordoc Winner 2015. Gosha's daughter Ajda Lada Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda won oppen class, Rusoro Arabesca got excellent in open class.

18.11.2015 I havent updated news since 2014 and it happened a part in my kennel and around the world :) shortly about that as chronicle:
14.11.2015 Gosha's daughter AJDA LADA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA was BOB at Nedansiljans Working Dog Club's official dog show in Rattvik. Such a beauty! Congratulations Sirpa Hemmingberg!

18.10.2015Belarussia. Our team got "jackpot"!
AZART + ARABESCA - Best brace - 3

03.09.2015 EURO DOG SHOW in Oslo.
NOCHNOY DOZOR DOLINY VETROV - Veteran eurowinner-2015, Best Veteran!
NOVAYA ZVEZDA FOR DOLINY VETROV - Veteran eurowinner-2015! We had long way home and this is why hadnt stay for Best-in-show. Thank you very much my friend Anders Wigh for your great hospitality! :)

12.04.2015 NOCHNOY DOZOR DOLINY VETROV and NOVAYA ZVEZDA DOLINY VETROV are Swedish Winners of the year again! BOB and BOS!

14.12.2014 NOCHNOY DOZOR DOLINY VETROV is Swedish Winner of the year, BOB and BRJUNETKA-KOKETKA IZ DOLINY VETROV is Swedish Winner of the year, BOS!

18.10.2014 EURO DOG SHOW in Brno. I and Sirpa flew to Slovenia and stayed by Alenka Petrovic, the owner of beautiful Lady in Red and Gosha's daughter ANGARA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA. Then we drove to Brno and another beautiful lady Alenka and her gorgeous boy AL RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA followed us. It was their debud and the results for both dogs were good. Both in junior class got excellent with very complimentary critique.

Another daughter of Gosha WIOSENNA BURZA INFINIVENTUS living in Poland was selected excellent-3 in intermedia class at Eurodogshow nd excellent-4 in intermedia class at National dogshow the day after.

Among other events around the world some news about Gosha's offspring.

Year 2014 at BRT National in USA ARISHA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA was BOS and another Gosha's daughter ZASTAVA FULL MOON OVER CHICAGO was Reserv Best female. Moreover ARISHA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA is now the #5 ranked BRT of all time, AKC CHampion and Grand Champion; her sister ANGARA RUSSKAYA NOCHNAYA ZVEZDA is now Slovenian Junior Champion and has health test - HD-A, ED-0, HUU - N/N (clear).

ZASTAVAS FULL MOON OVER CHICAGO has next show titles - UKC Champion, IABCA Int.Champion, 3xBest in Group, Res.Best in Show and working merits - AKC CGC (canine good citizen), AKC ACGC (advanced canine good citizen), AKC RN (AKC rally novice), AKC RA (AKC rally advanced)

Another Gosha's daughter living in Poland has next title and healt results - Poland Junior Winner 2013, Polish Junior Champion, Polish Champion, Slovak Champion, HD-A, ED-0, HUU- N/HUU, JLPP-CLEAR

Ajda Lada Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Ajda Lada Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov and Novaya Zvezda Doliny Vetrov

Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov and Novaya Zvezda Doliny Vetrov

Rusoro Arabesca and Azart

Rusoro Arabesca

Al Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Al Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Angara Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Arisha Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Arisha Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Zastavas Full Moon Over Chicago

Zastavas Full Moon Over Chicago

Wiosenna Burza Infiniventus

Wiosenna Burza Infiniventus

18.11.2014 Russian Black Terrier female born 15.09.2014 is for sale! After healthy, beautiful and strong parents with excellent mentality. The girl is very strong with excellent front and back angulations, already dark eyes and pigmentation, solid body and very beautiful big nead; brave and open, very sweet and social. For more info visit THIS PAGE or contact Alexandra Goratchek by eran-kud@mail.ru or call +46-701501018. For preference for breeding and show

17.08.2014 2 dagar utstallnings maraton. Goshas dotter Ajda Lada Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda fick CERT och blev BIR at Internationella i Norrkoping; Brjunetka-Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov fick CACIB. Dagen efter blev det tvartom :) Ajda Lada fick cert och Brjunetka blev BIR. Grattis, Sirpa!

06.07.2014 National RBT show in Sweden organized by swedish breed club was more than successful for our team :) jackpot + little extra :)
CENSURA IZ DOLINY VETROV - open class winner, CAC, Best female-2
BRJUNETKA -KOKETKA IZ DOLINY VETROV - champion class winner, Best female, Best female of swedish breeding.
The day before CENSURA IZ DOLINY VETROV got CAC, CACIB and was BOB at International show in Ronneby at the South of Sweden.

Ajda Lada Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda

Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov

Censura iz Doliny Vetrov

Censura iz Doliny Vetrov

Brjunetka-Koketka iz DV and Censura iz DV - BOS and best female-2

Brjunetka-Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov

Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov and his beautiful daughters - Best producer winners

06.07.2013 BRT Speciality in Sweden. What a day! Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov - Gosha became Best of Breed out of 26 Blackies at that show, his daughter Darkos Pribautka-Shutka was BOS and Brjunetka-Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov was Best female-2. Congratulations to Shutka s breeder-owner Carina Melanoy and Koketka s owner Sirpa Hemmingberg!

11.03.2013 Gosha's son FREE CHOICE CZAREVICH GOSHA won open class and became Reserve Best male at CRUFTS 2013. Congratulations to owner Ivan McClean and breeder Hedi Kumm! Well done! Next CRUFTS go for BOB, Ivan and Gosha! and just one week later, on 17 March Free Choice Czarevich Gosha took Best of Breed at Celtic Winner show in Dublin and became Celtic Winner-2013. Congratulations again!

09.12.2012 2012 Gosha's son Laureat Yabluneviy Tsvit was 2 x BOB at annual dog-show in Kyev and finished title Interchampion! Congratulations to breeder/owner Irina Yablonka.
At the same weekend Gosha's daughter Free Choice Charodeyka Vesna won title Finnish Winner and became Finnish Champion! Congratulations to the breeder/owner Hedi Kumm!
Show success continues also for Gosha's grandchildren. At International show in Russia young male S'Likomorja Krasota Chervonniy Tuz (son of Laureat), being only 12 month old, was Best Yunior and Best of Breed. Congratulations to owner Nadezhda Pushkareva!

S'lukomorja Krasota Chervonnyi Tuz

S'lukomorja Krasota Chervonnyi Tuz

Free Choice Charodeyka Vesna

26.08.2012 It did't happened so much in my kennel last 6 months but still there are some news to share :)
This weekend Gosha's daughter Free Choice Chereshnya Sladkaya (Nicky) finished title Finnnish Champion being also BOB at International show in Tervakoski in Finland. Congratulations to owner Sanna and breeder hedi Kumm!
Last weekend Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov took CACIB and BOB at International show in Oslo, finished also her new titles Norwegian Champion and Interchampion. Congratulations to Sirpa! Before that Brjunetka Koketka won some shows in Russian being BOB and BIG-winner and finished title Russian Champion.
Some Gosha's children got new titles also Laureat Yablunevyi Tsvit now is Multi Champion, HD-A,ED-0; Free Choice Czarevich Gosha is Junior Ireland Champion and Ireland Champion with Multi BOB and BIG victories, being Top BRT male 2012 in ireland; Graine-San iz Grada Petrova finished her new titles Grand Russian Champion and BRT National Club Champion; Free Choice Charodeyka Vesna is Multi Champion; Darko's Pribautka Shutka was Best female at BRT Speciality in Sweden under very strict judgement of russian judge Valentina Ivanischeva. More info about Gosha's children will come soon as a separate rubric at my homepage :) but I can state now that Gosha is a excellent sire, most of his children inherit very strong boneframes, solid bodies, big beautiful heads of clear and parallell lines, excellent teeth and dark eyes, dark balck and textural coat, medium and big sizes, free and excellent balanced movements, wide and solid angulations and what is most important stable and brave characters. Love my boy Gosha soooo much! :)

21.08.2011 BRT Speciality in Ukraine. Club show ranked Club Winner. 2 siblings, 2 Gosha's children Laureat and Laviniya Yablunevyi Tsvit have finished titles Junior Champion of National Club in Ukrainne. Laviniya won junior class among females and Laureat among males and was Best Junior. Congratulations to the breeder/owner Irina Yablonka!

21.08.2011 This is now some kind of yearly tradition I get Swedish Winners in my kennel :) This year 2 x SW went to Gosha and Charina, officially said Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov won CACIB, BOB and become Swedish Winner second time and Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov won CACIB, BOS and became Swedish Winner second time in a row!

21.08.2011 2 x International show in Tallin. Both days Gosha's daughter Free Choice Charodeyka Vesna was BOS and got 2 x CAIB. Excellent start for Interchampionship! Congratulations to the breeder/owner Hedi Kumm!
14.08.2011 International show in Ronneby. Gosha's daughter Darko's Pribautka-Shutka was shown first time in intermedia class and won everything - CAC, CACIB, BOB! Congratulations to Carina and Roger!
20.06.2011 This weekend 2 Gosha's daughters were starring again :) Laviniya Yablunevyi Tsvit has finished title Grand Junior Ukranian Champion at National show in Belya Tserkov, she was also Best Junior and was placed JBIS-4! Another Gosh'a daughter Free Choice Charodeyka Vesna has finished Estonian Junior Championship at International show in Parnu being JBOB, BOB, BIG-winner and BIS-4. Congratulations to the breeders/owners Irina Yablonka and Hedi Kumm! Sooo proud of you and of my boy Gosha! :-)

13.06.2011 Gosha`s daughter Black Elite Akita has finished title Junior KFT Champion (Germany)! Congratulations to the breeder Anatoliy Benikow and owners Michael and Kerstin!
04.06.2011 Dar Scandinavii iz Doliny Vetrov (Dar, Nova`s son) has finished title Junior Russian Champion and was Best Junior at International show in Irkutsk, Siberia. Next day at National show he was Best Junior, BOB, Best Junior-3, BIG-4, "Proud of Russia"-1 and at BRT Speciallity Best Junior and Junior Winner of BRT National Club! Congratulations Larisa! Well done! Super!

Gosha`s daughter Free Choice Charodeyka Vesna won junior class out of 4 females at International show "Estonian Winner 2011" and became Junior Estonian Winner and Best Junior. Her sister Free Choice Chudesnaya Mechta got exellent-3. At BRT Speciality at the same day Charodeyka was Best female! Congratulations to the breeder/owner Hedi Kumm!

And even better finish of this weekend was in Poltava, Ukraine. Gosha`s children, brother and sister Laureat and Laviniya Yablunevyj Tsvit won junior classes at BRT Speciality, Laviniya was Best Junior. Competition was very strong in all classes and the victories were specially valuable under Marina Gerasimova! :) Congratulations to the breeder/owner Irina Yablonka!

Dar Scandinavii iz Doliny Vetrov

Free Choice Chudesnaya Vesna

22.05.2011 Many good news! Since 22.05.2011. First we visited "Dmitrov"! We its me, my daughter Simona, Gosha and Nova. On the way to Moscow Novay Zvezda For Doliny Vetrov (Nova) attended CACIB in Hamina, she got next CACIB and was BOS. After that we stopped in St-petersburg for 3 days, by Gosha`s daughter Graine-San iz Grada Petrova and her owner Tatyana. I and Simona visited some museums and then vi drived to Moscow. This year "Dmitrov" was not so numerous, only 86 Blackies. I didnt show Gosha and Nova because they are already Champions of National BRT Club and that`s why I had time to take many shots. One moment at "Dmitrov" was pleasantly surprised - I was rewarded by "Ambassador of the breed" Award among some other breeders :-)
Complete photo report you can find HERE
after Moscow we took a little detour to Vitebsk, to National show and there Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov (Gosha) was BOS and Nova BOB, so they have completed Belarus Championship.

15.05.2011 Gosha`s daughter Black Elite April has finished title Dutch Junior Champion and was BOB again at International show in Goes (NL). Congratulations to the owner Diana Remakers and breeder Anatolij Benikow.
At the same weekend another Gosha`s daughter Yablunevyj Tsvit Livinia has finished title Ukrainian Junior Champion being only 9,5 month old! Congratulations to the owner breeder Irina Yablonka!

05.05.2011 Gosha`s son Laureat Yablunevyi Tsvit got a great result - ?2xJCAC, 2xBOB, Junior BIS-3, Junior BIS-2, BIG-4, at 2 National shows in Ukraine. 2 weeks later he finished title Junior Ukrainian Champion being only 9,5 months old! Congratulations to the owner/breeder Irina Yablonka!

25.04.2011 5 of 10 puppies out P-litter after Gosha and SM Annushka in kennel Darko`s have passed Mentality description with stable shot attitud! Congratulations to the breeder Carina Melanoz! waiting for next 5 out this litter to pass MH
24.04.2011 Some news for the last 2 weeks. Gosha`s daughter Black Elite April has passed healthy tests in Holland - HD-A, ED-0, PL-0. Congratulations to the owner Diana Remakers, breeder Anatolij Benikow! :-)
24.04.2011 Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov attended 2 National shows in Sankt-Petersburg - 2xCAC, BOB and BOS. Congratulations to the owner Sirpa!
At the same day 2 Gosha`s daughters attended BRT Speciality in Sankt-Petersburg also. Graine San iz Grada Petrova won open class with a special certificate Candidate to Club Champion and her sister Gertsoginja Greis iz Grada Petrova got excellent-2 in intermedia class with quality certificate(CC). Congratulations to the breeder Svetlana Gaifutdinova and owners Tatyana and Tatyana! :-)

20.03.2011 Gosha`s daughter Black Elite April had successful weekends in Germany. On 20 April she won junior class and became BOB in Rheinberg and on 3 April in Wijchen she also won junior class and became BOS being only 11 months old! Congratulations to owner Diana Ramakers and breeder Anatolij Benikow

20.03.2011 Gosha`s daughter Darko`d Pribautka-Shutka was shown today first time in intermedia class and got her first CACIB! she was also BOS. Congratulations to breeder Carina Melanoz and owner Roger Nilsson!

17.03.2011 Ireland. Today Gosha`s son Free Choice Czarevich Gosha took his first title Celtic Junior Winner 2011. He got also Res GreenStar out of 5 males at the All Breed Championship Celtic Winners Show being only 13 months old. Congratulations to Ivan! Well done!

29.01.2011 Gosha`s daughter Graine-San iz Grada Petrova has finished title Russian Champion and once again became BOB at National show in St-Petersburg! She is only 16 months old! Congratulations to Svetlana, Tatyana and Mikhail!

23.01.2011 Successful weekend in Finland and in Russia. NOVAYA ZVEZDA FOR DOLINY VETROV won champion class, CACIB and was BOS at Turku International show.
Gosha`s daughter Graine-San iz Grada Petrova was shown in Sankt-Petersburg at 2 National shows. 2 x CAC and 2 x BOS! Congratulations to the breeder Svetlana Gaifutdinova and the owners Tatiana and Mikhail!

08.01.2011 Gosha's daughter FREE CHOICE CHUDESNAYA MECHTA won full pott at the National Show in Tartu - Junior and Best of Breed being only 10 months old. Congratulations to Maria`s owners and breeder Hedi Kumm!

26.12.2010 Gosha`s daughter GRAIDE-SAN iz GRADA PETROVA has finished her first title JUNIOR RUSSIAN CHAMPION at National show in Sankt-Petersburg where she was also Best Junior and BOB being only 15 months old! Congratulations to owners Tatyana and Mikhail and breeder Svetlana!

04.12.2010 Gosha`s daughter FREE CHOICE CHARODEYKA VESNA (9 month old) was chosen today as BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at an official puppy show in Estonia, one of the most main events held once a year by Estonian Kennel Club. My big congratulations to the breeder/owner Hedi Kumm! Keep going, Hedi!

27.11.2010 Gosha`s daughter BLACK ELITE APRIL became Best Puppy of the Breed at Internationl show "Amsterdam Winner" and entered 10top finalists among 60 puppies of different breeds! Congratulations to the breeder Anatolij Benekow and the owner Diana Remakers!
21.11.2010 DAR SCANDINAVII IZ DOLINY VETROV did debut at National show in Urkutsk (Russia, Siberia) - J.CAC and Best Junior. Congratulation to Larisa and Darik! Well done! So proud of you!
14.11.2010 BRJUNETKA KOKETKA IZ DOLINY VETROV won open class at BRT speciallity in St-Petersburg. Some hours later she became 2xBOB at 2 National shows, won Best-in-Group, got BIS-4 and has finished title Russian Champion!!! At the same National show Gosha`s daughter GERTCOGINJA GREIS IZ GRADA PETROVA won junior class with J.CAC and was Best Junior! Congratulations to owner Tatyana in St-Petersburg!

31.10.2010 International "Halloween" show in Lahti (Finland). Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov won everything - CAC, CACIB, BOB and has finished title Finnish Champion. Congratulations to Sirpa!
At the same day but in the middle of Europe, in Leuven (Belgium) at International show Chernyi Kristall iz Doliny Vetrov won open class, got CAC, CACIB and BOS. Congratulations to Petra!
Gosha`s daughter GARDA SANTA IZ GRADA PETROVA has finished title Junior Champion of Russia! Congratulations to owner Lylia Zlobina in Russia!
26.09.2010 The big girl Brjunetka-Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov has won CAC, CACIB and was BOB at International show in Ekero (Finland) Congratulations to her owner Sirpa!

12.09.2010 7 month old Gosha's daughter Free Choice Charodeika Vesna was today BOB-puppy at all breed CAC show in Tallinn, Estonia.
Breed judged by Gunnel Holm, Finland. Later Chara won Res.BEST-IN-SHOW PUPPY. BIS-Puppy was judged by Peter Fodstadt from Norway. My warmest congratulations to the breeder Hedi Kumm and of course Im so proud of all Gosha`s children!

11.09.2010 Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov and her owner Sirpa have passed today third Obidience competition, have scored 169,5 points and have finished title Obidience-1. Well done! Congratulations!
01.08.2010 Little Darko Prigozha`s, daughter of Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov has got her first CAC and became BOB at Sodertalje Brukshundklubben National show. At JBIS she was placed at 5th place. It was her debut in junior class! Congratulations to owner Lena and Prigozha`s owner Carina Melanoz.

31.07.2010 Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov participated at International show in Ransater. She got CAC, CACIB and became BOS. Congratulations to Sirpa!
On the same day but in another country, my german "baby" Chernaya iz Klassika Doliny Vetrov participated at International show in Bremen and came second in junior class with RJVDH, RJCAC. Congratulations to Yvonne, well done!

Chernaja Klassika iz Doliny Vetrov

17.06.2010 Today Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov has scored 163,5 points and has passed 1 grade in Obidience competition. Well done, Sirpa and Charina!

12.06.2010 At the same day but in a different town Gosha`s children visited National dog show in Kalmar by almost whole litter. 8 of 11 puppies out P-litter in kennel Darko`s shared places in the ring as follows

Darko`s Pribautka-Shutka HP, BOB-puppy, BIS-2
Darko`s Plushka Vatrushka HP 2 place
Darkos Piina HP, 3 place
Darko`s Prigozha 4 plae
Darko`s Peri reserv
Darko`s Pobeda VP
Darko`s Pampushka VP
Darko`s Podarok Goshi VP

Congratulations to all owners and to the breeder Carina Melanoz!

12.06.2010 Swedish Winner Show in Avesta passed very good for Toma `s children. Brjunetka-Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov took over the "Swedish winner"-baton from mom Istoma and became Swedish Winner-2010 and BOS, junior Cyklon iz Doliny Vetrov was best male-2 and got CAC. Congratulations to Sirpa with Charina and Benny with Mythos!

24.05.2010 Gosha children continue to win

22 May 2010. North Skane`s Kennel Club International show, Hassleholm

Darko `s Plushka Vatrushka 1 HP, BOB-puppy
Darko `s Podarok Goshi 1 HP, BOS-puppy
Darko `s Pribautka Shutka 1-HP

23-24 May 2010 Germany, Saarbrucken. National show. Chernyi Cristall iz Doliny Vetrov won junior class, got title "Saarbrucken Jugendsieger 2010" and became Best of Breed in competition with adult dogs; at the International show Kasper won junior class and became Saarlandjugendsieger 2010 - Saarland Junior Winner 2010

16.05.2010 Gosha`s daughter Darko Prigozha participated on National show in Nybro (Sweden). She became BOB-puppy and got BIS 4th place at Best-in-Show. Congratulations to owner Lena and breeder Carina

13.05.2010 Cherniy Kristall iz Doliny Vetrov (Kaspar) has passed exterrier and mentality parts for breeding state and together with his earlier HD-B1 it means he has got his official breeding license. Shot attitude was included in character part and Kaspar even didn`t notice shot :-) 2 day later, on 15th May he participated Special Club Show in Hradec Kralove (Czechia), won junior class and became Best Junior! Congratulations to Petra!

01.05.2010 Gosha `s Russian daughters debuted today at Black Terrier Speciallity in St-Petersburg. Gertsoginja Greis iz Grada Petrova (Glasha) got "very promising" and 2nd place in the ring and Graide-San iz Grada Petrova (Grunja) got "very promising" and was BOB-Puppy! Congratulations to both owners Tatiana and Tatiana, the breeder Svetlana and to the girls Grunja and Glasha.

25.04.2010 At the same day, at the same time but in a different country, in Germany, Mythos`s sister Chernaya Klassika iz Doliny Vetrov won junior class at CACIB show (judge Nina Maslennikova, Russia) among 5 beautiful females and got JVDH/KFT, JCAC. Huge congratulations to Yvonne and Pia! (the picture is taken by Christine Skrinjar)

25.04.2010 Today Cyklon iz Doliny Vetrov (Mythos) has got CAC and became BOB at National show in Vasteras (Sweden). He is only 13 month old and was groomed and handled by his owner Benny who is an absolute beginner in the breed Black Terrier. Both them were so good in the ring and I think they will become a super-team soon. Congratulations to Benny and Annelie! (What could breeders do without such a good and able puppy-buyers?)

14.04.2010 Glad news from Germany. First hip/elbow score of C-litter has arrived - Chernyi Kristall iz Doliny Vetrov (Kaspar) has got HD-B1, ED-normal. Congratulation to the owners Petra and Medard!
27.03.2010 At 80th International dog-show Champion de Luxembourg CHERNIY KRISTALL IZ DOLINY VETROV won junior class and got title "Junior Champion of Luxembourge". My big congratulations to the owner Petra Staut and greetings from dad Gosha and mom Toma to Kaspar
27.02.2010 Nordskanska Kennel Club puppy show 27-28 February 2010 went very well for Gosha`s daughters
Darko's Pribautka-Shutka got 1HP and became BOS
Darko `s Plushka Vatrushka got 1HP, best female-2
Darko `s Prigosha got 1HP, best-female-3
All 3 puppies got very good critiques and a note about a very even impression of same breed type. Congratulations to breeder Carina Melanoz and of course, I am very glad that my Nochnoy Dozor leaves such a good and even offsprings

19.02.2010 2 strong and healthy males were born today, 19th February. Mom Nova and babies are doing very well.
2 litters after Istoma and Brjunetka-Koketka are planned in 2010-2011
19.02.2010 We have got a confirmation that ISTOMA iz Angarskoi Jemchujiny is now Finnish Champion

18.01.2010 Now its confirmed! Nova is pregnant! Today we have been on ultrasound examination and I saw at least 3 pups, so its a waiting time now
20.12.2009 Almost 7 000 dogs came to Stockholm in order to participate in HUND 2009. This show is year's biggest and the closure of the year. Dogs from a total of 15 countries gathered in Stockholm, including Russia, Italy, Slovakia and Hungary.
Its a good tradition at HUND that on the Breed club square there is a chance of making a closer acquaintance with around 130 breeds and breed varieties. It is a good opportunity for those who intends to get a dog to see many breeds for real and able to question experienced owners.
Swedish BRT club - Svart Terrier klubben, had an own stand where we set a lot of fotos demonstrating breed development and Blackies in everyday life. There were a lot of people intressted about the breed and club members who presented at the place answered, answered, answered.....
At the Breed parade Roger Nilsson dressed in national russian clothes represented the Black Russian Terrier with Gosha - Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov.
Results from the show ring - ISTOMA IZ ANGARSKOI JEMCHUJINY became Best female and her daughter BRJUNETKA KOKETKA IZ DOLINY VETROV won intermedia class and became Best female-2 and got CAC and CACIB. Some pictures HERE

08.11.2009 Enkoping (Sweden) Cyklon iz Doliny Vetrov (Mythos) is now 7,5 month old and today was at his second show. I groomed him for 1,5 month ago but this time the owner Benny prepared Cyklon for the show himself. Cyklon is his the very first Black Terrier and I was very surprised about a very nice and beautiful grooming, almost profeccional!!! I had nothing to correct with my scissors after Benny :-))
Cyklon became BOB-puppy (frankly speaking, he was the only BRT at this show) and later he won Best-in-Group in a very hard competition and to the end was placed BIS-2 in not less competition neither! Excellent jobb and way to go, Benny and Annelie! Big congratulations!
Here are some pictures from the show. Im sorry for the quality, the light was very weak in the hall but anyway you can see how lovely this boy is and how nice he is groomed by his owner Benny:-)

13.09.2009 While father Nohnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov och mother Istoma iz Angarskoi Jemchujiny championed the honour of the kennel in the South Russia, their son Cyklon iz Doliny Vetrov did own debut at home in Sweden. The debut was very successful, despite a little bit wrong grooming and very nervious owner ;-) - Best Puppy and Best in Show-2! Congratulations to Benny and Annelie! Way to go, guys!

13.09.2009 At last, Im back from my very long trip to the South of Russia. I had no plans to visit any exhibition there, but it was a journey of my personal reasons, timed to the Conference of the National BRT Club on 16 September in Moscow, but I took the opportunity and showed my dogs at 2 shows in Sochi anyway (Soch is the town at the Black Sea for the Olympic Games in 2014). First was BRT speciallity and Nova (Novaya Zvezda For Doliny Vetrov) has finished title Champion of National BRT Club there and this title together with Nova`s RUCH gives her the new title Grand Champion of Russia!
Second was International show where Toma and Gosha took full pott! Toma has finished title Interchampion and Gosha got CACIB and became BOB. They both also got titles Champion of RKF (Russian Cinological Federation). We didn`t stay for BIG because the show started very late, at 17 p.m., and I had quite long and hard way to drive back. I prefered not hang around during a few hours but let my dogs enjoy swimming in the Black Sea.
Totally I have drived 7500 km from Helsinki to Sochi and back.
But here are the results
Junior class
Open class
Junior class
Intermedia class
Champion class
and some fotos you can find HERE
As regards the conference, I can say I saw one of the most lively and hot discussion and election of Chairman of the National BRT Club in Russia. Gerasimova Marina was re-elected as Chairman, Vorobieva Olga as Vice-chairman. I was offered the post of member of the Audit Committee, which I gladly accepted.

16.08.2009 2 successful weekends. Nochnoy Dozor and Novaya Zvezda were shown in Askersund on August 8 and took full pot - Nova became BOS, Gosha became BOB and later was placed on 4th place in the Group.
On August 15 Sirpa showed her "little" Brjunetka Koketka at Int. in Norrkoping and it went pretty good. Tzarina won intermedia class and was second Best bitch with Res.CACIB. I would like to thank Sirpa that she works hard with her "dear children" Tzarina and it goes better and better every show. Tzarina becoming a very beautiful and powerful blacky :-) Congratulations, Sirpa!
Nochnoy Dozor and Novaya Zvezda took part at Nat. the day after in Nykoping and they have got full pot again with the super bonus! Nova became BOS, Gosha took BOB and later he won the Group and was placed BIS-4! Judge Anita Whitmarch found after she had checked on all dogs from Group 2 in the collecting ring that it was long time ago since she saw so strong competition in the Group ring where each dog was a fine representative of its breed. Than more Gosha`s victory was like a balm for my soul

Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov 17 month old

Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov 17 month old

Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov at BIS

11.07.2009 We have got a full pot at swedish BRT Speciality in Monsteras. This time it was 23 Blackies and the judge was Eva Borg. Nochnoy Dozor (Gosha) won open class, became BOB with CAC and got a huge fine painting as Honour Price from kennel Darko`s; Istoma iz Angarskoi Jemchujiny (Toma) won Champion Class, became BOS and sent forward CAC she got to her daughter Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov. Brjunetka won junior class, became Best Junior and was chosen as Best Female of swedish breeding 2009!
Day after it was Mentality description for some young Black Terriers and Brjunetka completed all the points with very good results and got "1" for shot what means she has stable attitude to shoting. Here is some videos of her description
I want to thank all participants and Black Terrier owners for your pleasant company at the show and the camp, Svart terrier club for great prices and my puppy buyers Surpa och Charlotta for your support and help.

Honour price for Best male from kennel DARKO`S

Gosha and Yoma with prices

Females in junior class - Brjunetka Koketka iz DV, Fenja v.Amur, Noghtmare femme fatal, Nightmare Fuska

Brjunetka Koketka Best female of swedish breeding, 16 month at the picture

Happy Sirpa, owner of Brjunetka

Brjunetka Koketka in the ring

Brjunetka Koketka in the ring

Brjunetka - ready for mentality descriprion

23.05.2009 The National Championship - "Dmitrov" was held in Moscow in extreme weather. Just like last year it rained while the ring, grass in the ring mixed with dirt in a couple of minutes after the show had started. Nice grooming was destroyed but even such weather only highlighted the beauty and endurance of the breed (and Blakies owners also;-).
Our dogs were showed in a very hard competition but combed home very good results. Young Almazniy Fond iz Doliny Vetrov - "Avdey" (o.Malyuta iz AJ x m.Ronika iz AJ) got "excellent" in junior class among 11 males; Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov (o.Nachalnik x m.Istoma iz AJ) got also "excellent" in junior class among 14 bitches but Sirpa noted just after the ring that Charina started her heat and than we understood why she had no drive in the ring.
Nochnoy Dozor Doliny Vetrov - "Gosha" was placed at 2th place in intermedia class among 5 males with a special sertificate which let him finish the title Champion of National Club of Russia! Novaya Zvezda For Doliny Vetrov (Nova) had "excellent" in intermedia lass among 10 bitches in spite of she flew in the ring and showed herself from the best side and I thought that she would be placed also.
I want to thank our puppy buyers Alexandr, Sirpa and Charlotta who were with us at the most prestigious and numerous exhibition for Black terrier in the world and a big thank you for your support and nice company.
The pictures from the show are HERE

  The pictures of the puppies out of C-litter at 46 days age are HERE
02.05.2009 Club "SPARS" arranged BRT Speciallity in St-Petersburg ranked Candidate to Club Champion and our dogs NOCHNOY DOZOR and NOVAYA ZVEZDA made it very well at the show - Gosha became Best male with certificate Candidate to Club Champion and Nova won intermedia class with a special certificate. The judge was Monique van Brempt from Belgium. The pictures from the show are HERE

  Bolshaya Udacha iz Doliny Vetrov (Neva) is appointed as The Puppy of the Year in Finnish BRT Club according show`s results. Big congratulations to Sini and Neva!

11.04.2009 Stockholm International show "Lilla Stockholm". Judge Ake Cronander (Sweden). Our kennel presented 2 dogs. Nochnoy Dozor won intermedia class and in compete ring won CAC, CACIB and became BOB. Photos.
29.03.2009 For 1 weekend we visited 3 shows in St-Petersburg. At the first show under a strict judging of Yvonne Cannon from Ireland Nochnoy Dozor won intermedia class with CAC and became BOS; Novaya Zvezda won intermedia class with CAC; Brjunetka Koketka got "very good" in the junior class of everyone`s bewilderment. At the same day a BRT speciality BRT ranked Candidate to Club Champion took place at the same place and judging of the well known judge Polivanov M.A. was not less strickt. Brjunetka Koketka got exellent-2 in junior class among 4 females, but without special certificate (CC); Nochnoy Dozor won intermedia class, got special ertificate (CC) with an excellent description and comment a careless grooming (I didn`t wash the dogs after Swedish Winner show, which was held a week before this BRT speciality); Novaya Zvezda won intermedia class, got special certificate (CC) and also an excellent description. At the third show the day after Brjunetka Koketka won junior class with JCAC; Nochnoy Dozor won intermedia class, became BOS and finished title Champion of Russia, and Nova became BOB, also finished title Champion of Russia and as an extra-bonus won Best-in-Groupe under Cornelia Butrimova!

22.03.2009 Malmo. International show "Swedish Winner 2009". Judge Ljudmila Tchistjakova. Our dogs have won full pott - Nochnoy Dozor won CAC, CACIB, BOB and the titel "Swedsih Winner 2009"; Novaya Zvezda won CAC, CACIB, BOS and also the title "Swedish Winner 2009" and young Brjunetka Koketka Iz Doliny Vetrov (Charina) got "exellent" in junior class, exellent critique and was placed 3th Best female.

19.03.2009 Today 6 sweet babies has arrived - 3 males and 3 females, a perfect number! Mother and puppies are doing very well. Pictures.
25.01.2009 Our young dogs have passed Mentality description, which is obligated in Sweden for all dogs of working breeds. Here are some videoclips of Nova`s description. I was with the dogs and my husband took all the films.
Hunting instinct
Relation to a loud sound
Relation to a figurant
Scarried surprise
Unfortunately, the battery in the camera ran out of time,as always, and we didn`t film Nova`s relation to the shot. In the game Nova just didn`t hear the shot and in a quiet moment she just looked in the direction of the shooting, which was assessed as "independent on shot" (in Russia its the same as "+" in the T-test) and marked in the her Mentality-report with "2"
Here are some videoclips of Gosha`s description
Hunting instinct
Relation to figurant
Scarried surprise
Relation to a loud sound
Gosha`s relation to shooting is marked in his Mentality-report with "1"
Both MH were done in october 2008 but i didn`t have opportunity to post the results
25.01.2009 Big Congratulations to "little" Tzarina - Brjunetka Koketka iz Doliny Vetrov. She has won junior class, got Sert and became BOS today at International show in Turku (Finland). CACIB went to an another female who was shown in Open Class because Tzarina is too young to get it :-))) she is only 11 months. Here are pictures.
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