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питомник русских черных терьеров из долины ветров
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18.05.2023 !!!! HOT NEWS !!!
LJUTAJAIZ DOLINY VETROV became Best Puppy of the breed at Eurodogshow in Danmark! Congratulations to Laila and all involved!!!

16.04.2023 Lyutaya iz Doliny Vetrov 7 months old debuted in Norway with great result ? HP and BOB Puppy!. Congratulations to the owner Laila

30.03.2022 PAVA-KRASAVA IZ DOLINY VETROV has got sertificate of her healthy joints! Hooray!

11.02.2023 PAVA-KRASAVA IZ DOLINY VETROV won open class with special certificate and became Best female at BRT Speciallity in Moscow, thus that she finished Championship of BRT National Club in Russia and have added new title NKP Champion and Grand Champion of Russia!

19.12.2022 Good news from the USA. Iskander-M iz Doliny Vetrov successfully passed the Canin Good Citizen exam. Congratulations to the owners!

11.12.2022 Pava-Krasava iz Doliny Vetrov was first registered for the Swedish Winner dog-show on December 10th, but then a BRT single-breed show in Moscow at the same day became a bigger priority for me. As it turned out, it was not in vain that we chose Moscow, and then Volgograd )) Pava-Krasava iz Doliny Vetrov, aka Pasha, won the intermedia class with the special Certificate among 5 worthy rivals and became Best female-2 in Best female competition after an older female shown in Champion class. Expert Tamara Chupris very carefully felt each dog and it was very flattering to hear the praise of my Pasha, which is not yet fully adult, only 22 months old. The next day there was another BRT single-breed in Volgograd. Result for Pava-Krasava iz Doliny Vetrov was special Certificate, BOS and BOB!

14.09.2022 We have puppies! More info in HERE

14.09.2022 Great news in August!PAVA-KRASAVA IZ DOLINY VETROV finished title RUSSIAN CHAMPION winning 2 shows n St-Petersburg by 2xBOB and Best-in-Groupe! Pasha also passed successfully Mentality test T-1.

18.06.2022 PAVA-KRASAVA IZ DOLINY VETROV got 2xCAC, 2xBOB and at Breed Speciality Class Winner and Best female-2 with certificate Champion Candidate of Natonal Club in Sant-Petersburg!

27.04.2022 PAVA-KRASAVA IZ DOLINY VETROV got excellent-3 in junior class among strong competition at Eurodogshow 2022 in Paris.

18.03.2022 Iskra Zharkogo Ognja iz Doliny Vetrov finished title AKC Champion. Congratulations to the owner Cesar!

20.02.2022 4 dog-shows in Armavir where Pava-Krasava iz Doliny Vetrov has finished title Junior Russian Champion; 4xBOS and at the same time I got answer about some healthy test ? DM (degenerative myelopathy)-N/N (clear)

26.12.2021 Like the previous 2020, this year was not so rich in events in my kennel but there is still something to sum up at the end of 2022. I received RKF authorization to judge at CAC / CACIB shows abroad.
A long-awaited and very promising litter was born after Furmanov iz Doliny Vetrov, all the pups has found the best owners and daddy Eran received FCI confirmation of his title of Interchampion.
I wish all my friends and puppy-buyers all the best and many intressting and successful events in 2022!

13.10.2021 We have puppies!

01.07.2021 Pandemy continues and cynological activity is not so high but there are some news anyway

P-litter was born at 2th February 2021. More details in PUPPIES

ISKRA ZHARKOGO OGNJA IZ DOLINY VETROV aka Irena has started her show carrier in USA. Irena is only 7 months old but showed excellent result and got a lot of good compliments on her mentality and movements from judges.
5 day show in Billings, Montana Juny 23-Juny 27:
Juny 23 - Reserv Winners Bithc
Juny 24 - 2th place
Juny 25 - Winners Bitch, 3 point major win
Juny 26 - reserv Winners Bitch
Juny 27 - Winners Bitch, 3 point major win

close to Am Champion! Congratulations to the owner Cezar Valencia

K-litter is planned to the end of 2021

Keep following us for more news!

Iskra Zharkogo Ognja Iz Doliny Vetrov aka Irena

24.12.2020 Year 2020 was not so funny and rich for events. Pandemy laid down almost all cynological activity in almost all countries. But some lovely news happened in my kennel in November anyway. 2 very intressting litters after well merited and healthy parents were born. More info can be found under heading PUPPIES
I wish Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year to all my friends and colleagues all over the world. I hope that 2021 will turn back us to normal life and look forward to meet all of you at the dog-shows again!

24.11.2020 One more pleasunt news about another female in my kennel, NASH ANGEL ZAVETNAYA MECHTA DOLINY VETROV got freedisplasy certificate ? HD-A, ED-0!

More exciting news soon at PUPPIES page

18.10.2020 Despite the corona time some dogs of my breeding compete successfully on working track.

27.09.2020. HARLAMOV VALERY iz DOLINY VETROV has completed mentality test shiny! The same attitude and reactions his legendary grandfather Nochnoy Dozor aka Gosha showed on his mentality test. Stable shot attitude! Congratulations to the owner Lara Ettwein!

2020.10.18 HARLAMOV VALEROY iz DOLINY VETROV debuted in search competition in Sweden with a great result and won promotion farther to the lower class! Congratulations Lara and Vodca!


23.02.2020 22-23 February 2020 Harlamov Valery iz Doliny Vetrov was BOB at Inofficial dog-show in H?ssleholm (South Sweden),his sister Hakasia iz Doliny Vetrov finished title Junior Russian Champion in one week with 3 x BOB!

05.01.2020 Just as 2019 ended with few meaningful dogshow victories and some new titles in my kennel so 2020 begins with a significant debut. HARLAMOV VALERY IZ DOLINY VETROV performed excellently in puppy class with his owner Lara Ettwein (kennel Tiny Winne). Lovely description, Best puppy and BIG-4 at MyDog in G?teborg. Congratulations Lara and Vodka!

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